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Virtual DBT Group
Offered by Rena Ferguson, MD, PC
Lead by Hayden Cruz, LCSW
Meeting via Patient Portal Video Session every Wednesday from 4 to 5:30 pm
Program dates 2/7/2024 – 7/17/2024Ā 

Hello and welcome! I am so happy to find you here exploring options available to you. Our highly sought after virtual DBT group is an amazing resource for participants to gain valuable tools and social skills for living. We encourage you to join us and embracing the process of developing skills while loosing old behaviors that no longer suit you. We do bill insurance for those which we are in-network with and others who have out-of-network coverage. We charge a $40 self-pay fee for those who have no insurance or an insurance that has no out-of-network coverage.

What is DBT?

Dialectical Skills Training (DBT) Group is a 24 week workshop aimed to help you learn how to change your own behaviors, emotions and thoughts that are linked to problems in living and are causing misery and distress. 


DBT Group consists of 3 Modules. 

Module 1 : Distressed Tolerance Skills Group is 8 weeks in which we focus on introductory mindfulness skills, “Crisis Survival Skills” , distracting skills such as self-soothing and improving the moment and many more skills. 

Module 2 : Emotion Regulation Skills Group is 9 weeks in which we learn how we feel emotions, how we experience emotions and how we act when we experience emotions. This group will focus on introductory mindfulness skills, understanding and labeling emotions, checking the facts problem solving, values and priorities and many more. 

Module 3 : Interpersonal Effectives Skills Group is 7 weeks in which we empower group members to learn how to interact with others, achieve what they want without conflict while maintaining his or her self-respect. In this group we will focus on introductory mindfulness skills, crisis survival; the pros and cons, “DEAR MAN” skills, “FAST” skills and how to evaluate your options. 


We meet virtually every Wednesday from 4 – 5:30 pm. Program dates are 2/7/2024 – 7/17/2024 
We bill insurance or accept a self-pay fee of $40 per session 
Participants will follow a DBT workbook which is available in the patient portal and in the office. 

Spots are filling up quickly so please call/email today to reserve your seat.Ā 

Office Phone 631-760-1830 or email