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Nutrient Therapy

New! We are now offering high dose Vitamin C treatments in response to increased emphasis on fortifying our immune systems and protecting ourselves from a variety of viruses, illnesses and to slow down the aging process.  This is not a treatment for those who have tested positive for  COVID-19.  This is a preventative intervention.

To schedule a screening to see if you are a candidate, please contact us.


Mission Statement:    to offer high quality nutrients through infusion therapy or injection in a tranquil and supportive setting.

The body cannot be defined by any one part, just like a car cannot be defined by the engine alone.  If any part is not being nourished, the other parts suffer, and the body suffers.

We are based in an area of New York where there are a lot of specialists and the body.  The upside is that we have access to cardiologists, gastroenterologists and many other “-ologists”.  The downside is that our bodies are carved up and no one is really looking closely at how our body parts function as a whole.

Our bodies function best when recognized as a whole entity.  But instead, medicine today often treats our bodies a bit like a mosaic, you know, those tile pieces that you set in concrete.  Each “-ologist” only scrutinizes one tile but no one is really taking a step back and looking at the entire mosaic and the concrete holding all the tiles together.

Here at 1000 Main, we use Nutrient Therapy to “look at the concrete” and the entire mosaic.  The “concrete” is the bloodstream that courses to each organ, each cell and feeds it and nourishes it.  The food you eat goes through a complicated system. Good nutrients from food get pulled into your bloodstream to feed your cells.  Bad nutrients travel this way as well.

With Nutrient Therapy, we have an opportunity to feed your body only healthy nutrients that our bodies crave.  This is not a substitute for eating healthy foods but does allow 100 % of the nutrients to be accessible to your body whereas eating does not.

You may be in disbelief about what these nutrients can do.  Keep in mind that your body uses nutrients for a variety of jobs so maintaining optimal levels in your body helps you feel and function at your best.   That’s good for you and those around you.

Stop.  Pause.  Think about this.

Our Infusions do not have additives, dyes and “hidden ingredients”.  They do not contain pesticides.  They are specially formulated for us.

Our infusions provide a sense of health and well-being.   They give you energy.  They target focus and concentration.  Have a hangover?  We can treat it with an infusion.  Inflammation?  Sluggish immune system?  Yes, we have infusions to treat that.

How often do you need Nutrient Therapy?  Since they are safe for almost everyone, you determine the frequency.  For the MIC injection for weight loss, the recommendation is twice weekly for at least 3 months, but you can certainly continue them as long as the benefits continue.

Check in with us regularly as we expand the list of infusions offered.