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Medication Management

Medication Management

Time and again patients say they feel like “guinea pigs”, unwitting participants in an experiment to find a medication or medications that make them feel better. One compared being a patient to Willy Wonka where various children get unwanted effects from the chocolates.


On the positive side, we are lucky there are so many medications from which to choose.  Individualizing medicine is the focus now.

Here at 1000 Main, we choose medications thoughtfully.  For many, psychiatric medications are simply what you take to feel better, like an antibiotic.  For others, taking psychotropics and being treated by a mental health provider has a deeper meaning.  Your family and friends may treat you differently or you perceive it that way.  How you see yourself can be confusing.  We hear you when you say you want “something natural” or “just a light antidepressant.”

We listen to you and we are also going to give you the best professional recommendations pull from your concerns, our experience, published studies, genetic testing, and of course your history.  We shall educate you about potential medication interactions and medical conditions and mental health are connected.