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Great news from the April edition of Psychiatric News for adolescents suffering from depression. Ketamine IV was studied in 17 adolescent patients. Here’s a link to the page to both read and listen to the data, and I have summarized some of the vital information from this exciting breakthrough:

  1. These adolescents had challenging depressive symptoms present, and many had significant history of depression, despite their young age.
  2. The average number of medications taken prior to Ketamine treatments was over 3. This is significant in that having this level of trials confirms a tough to treat depression.
  3. Reductions in Ketamine treatments were seen within 24 hours.
  4. The symptom improvement lasted for 14-days. Fourteen days was the end of the trial tracking period.

Our center has treated many adults with Ketamine and has achieved excellent results. We are very encouraged by this study and look forward to treating adolescents too.

Please contact us for more information about Ketamine and TMS therapy. Please call us at 631-760-1830.

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