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Globally, this was a year of Enough is Enough, Stop It Already.  The issues of how to run the country, whether to “take a knee,” and sexual harassment are important, but I often found the discussions distasteful and exhausting because the participants did not seem to respect one another so how could this lead to meaningful conversations?

In my own backyard, this was a year where “enough” evolved into a more positive connotation.   My daughter and I were arguing.  On the surface, it was about the state of her room.  She said that “it’s never enough for you, Mom.  No matter how much I clean, it’s never enough.  Do you know that in the past 6 months, we’ve not had any meaningful conversations but only talk about my room?” 

Well, that shut me up…. for about a second.  I still complain about her room, but I choose to hear that she really enjoys talking to me and wants to have meaningful conversations.  The other take home point is that I need to work on making sure people know they are enough.  I still want that room clean and I want it to my specifications, but somehow, I need to convey that she is enough.

I still strive for more money, more hours in the day, and more height but I need to show myself and others that I am also quite content with how things are.

I love seeing my kids enjoying one another’s company.  They truly epitomize the theme of mutual respect and meaningful conversations.  It’s great hearing their conversations, their catching up on one another’s lives. 

My husband continues to be the backbone of the family, the multitasker and the mature one.   He finds simplicity in complex problems and is there for everyone. 

As evidence that my husband always knows what to do, the gift he bought our youngest was the hands-down favorite Christmas gift of gifts this year.  He bought a pack of black playing cards as a stocking stuffer.  I never would have dreamed of buying it, but everyone thought it was “cool”.  Our belated Holiday picture was of us sitting on the floor, amidst the detritus of opened packages, playing Bullshit.  It was perfect and just enough.  There was mutual admiration and riotous, somewhat meaningful conversation.

Wishing everyone Enough.

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